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Clubs & Activities

Through the years various clubs have been a part of SGA. They include at various times academic clubs: 4-H, Sr. and Jr. Beta , Debate, Academic Bowl ,Inter-club ( student council), French and Glee. Religiously related clubs are Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Bible Study, HANDS and Y while athletic related clubs were Pep, and Warrior. Adults have worked in PTO, Booster, Alumni, and Grandparents. Field trips have always been a part of the SGA learning experience. Daily trips to various southwest Georgia and bordering Alabama locations are taken by mostly the elementary grades. Longer trips taken by the upper grades have been to Epcot, Nashville, New Orleans, Williamsburg, and Washington, D.C. Seniors have taken trips to Mexico, and almost every year to the Bahamas. The Art Department has experienced two trips to New York, three to Europe, and one each to Alaska, Canada, and Australia. Other activities include: Fall Festival, athletic banquets, Fun Day, one-act plays, musical programs, literary events, tail gate suppers ,“Buck Days” deer hunting, SGA rodeo, Prom, middle grades spring dance, Homecoming events , Spirit Week--to name a few.


Hundreds have graduated from SGA since its beginning and have successfully taken their places in the adult world entering numerous occupations and careers. The majority show their gratitude for SGA by sending their children to their Alma Mater. Some faculty have grandchildren attending at present and two founding teachers will soon each have a great-grandchildren here. Students have attended SGA from Brazil, India, Alabama, Columbia, and one from Australia graduated from kindergarten.

The theme of the first Prom in 1971 was “We’ve Only Just Begun”. Masses of people in Southwest Georgia continue to work to see that this theme endures.