As soon as the registration of students was held in February of 1970, the trustees began interviewing and hiring a faculty and later a Headmaster, W. T. Henry of Colquitt. Mrs. Bertha Freeman of Georgia Southern College aided the group with curriculum preparation. All faculty members had an AB or BS ( some with Masters) in their teaching fields. Teachers who accepted the challenge of beginning this new endeavor were Anngene Gibbs, Margaret Arnold, Henrinell Middleton, Pat Bridges, Martha Dozier, Vivian Morton, Libby Pridgeon, Martha J. Jordan, Mary W. Thompson, Emogene Jarvis, Mildred Tarver, Edna Sessions, Naomi Bruner, Ruby Still, Suzanne Felder, Sibbie Smith, Joy White, and Carolyn Widner. In 1996 , four founding teachers had “halls” named in their honor : Gibbs, Jordan, Dozier, and Middleton. The faculty continues to be qualified in their fields, however the number has increased from the first eighteen to the present thirty. Headmaster, W.T. Henry and the first coach, Wayne Proffitt, chose the Athenian Warrior as the SGA mascot because of this warrior’s philosophy that the “whole man must be developed….the mind and the body.” The colors were based on the Dallas Cowboys’ scheme: navy blue, Columbia blueJoe Bryan, and white. Silver was iW.T. Henryncluded later in sports equipment.