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Let Your Taxes Make an Impact


The Georgia Education Tax Credit program allows you to redirect a portion of your state tax liability to help the boys and girls at Southwest Georgia Academy. The degree of impact is determined by your tax filing status: individual ($2,500), married filing jointly ($5,000), LLC's, Partnerships, and S Corporations (up to $25,000 per partner).


The process is simple and takes about 3 minutes to complete. Click here to reserve your spot.


Would you like more information? Click below to read more about this important program and how it helps the students at Southwest Georgia Academy. You may also contact Crystal Waltman at 229-725-4792 or email [email protected]



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Georgia Education Expense Tax


Your Taxes—Your Choice:

Southwest Georgia Academy

As a taxpayer in the state of Georgia, did you know you have the ability to impact

the boys and girls at Southwest Georgia Academy through the Georgia Education Expense Tax Credit program? Since 2008, it has allowed individuals, limited liability and

corporate taxpayers in the state of Georgia to prepay and redirect a portion of their annual Georgia tax obligation to an independent school of their choice, such as Southwest Georgia Academy. The tax credits are as follows:

  • Individual Filers- $2,500
  • Married Filing Jointly- $5,000
  • S-Corps & LLCs - $25,000

The redirected and pre-paid portion of the Georgia tax obligation is submitted to a Student Scholarship Organization (such as GaSSO) that, in turn, remits the funds to

Southwest Georgia Academy. These funds provide financial assistance to the students at Southwest Georgia Academy. Our SSO of choice is the Georgia Student Scholarship Organization - GaSSO (


The secure online process takes about 3 minutes to complete and can be done in

3 easy steps:

  1. Determine your tax filing status (please see above).

  1. Have your full name, address and social security number ready (and the social security number of your spouse, if married filing jointly).

  1. Click here to be taken to GaSSO’s secure website to complete the form.

In January 2023, you will receive a letter from GaSSO letting you know how

much funding was approved by the state of Georgia and what amount you are

eligible to contribute. You will then be given a deadline to submit your

contribution, which can be easily done on GaSSO’s secure website. Once your

payment has been received, GaSSO will send you a confirmation of your tax

credit for your records and to share with your tax preparer.


Please feel free to contact Crystal Waltman at Southwest Georgia Academy Georgia Tax Credit Coordinator, with any questions you may have: 229-725-4792 or email [email protected]