Southwest Georgia Academy National Senior BETA Club

Senior  Induction of New Members will be scheduled as soon as dues have been paid.
Senior Beta dues must be paid by September 1 for grades 9-12. Ninth through Eleventh grade dues are $20. Twelfth grade BETA member dues are $25. However, students who plan to run for office must pay dues prior to or the day they submit applications to run for office.
I am looking forward to an exciting and rewarding year working with the Senior Beta Club. I am submitting information pertaining to school and community service projects, as well as, fundraising events that are required for continued membership in this prestigious organization. Please read and remember to drop by my classroom to sign-up for the various activities.
Members are reminded that it is mandatory to participate in two school and two community service projects  to fulfill requirements for membership:
You must participate in two community and two school service projects each semester. These will be announced at the First Regular Meeting in September.
We will also have a booth at the Fall Festival: Our responsibility is to sale fried oreos and fried snickers.  This could change each year. As soon as the Fall Festival Committee gives me our duties, I will let members know. A sign-up sheet will be available. This counts as a school service project. I need volunteers for the cooking oil.  I will also need parent volunteers who can provide the cooker and assist.  Please contact me at 229-400-3225.  I also need parent volunteers to assist at this booth. Please contact me if you can help!
A mandatory fundraiser for the club "Holiday Magic" will begin in September.  Dates will be posted. Booklets will be given out in our regular meeting. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL MEMBERS! Members must sell a minimum of 12 items. If this is successful, no additional fundraisers will be required for the club this year. Due date for turning in orders will be announced also.