Welcome SGA Warriors!

We are nearing the end of our summer break and already planning, in expectation, for another great school year.  It is that time of the year that we welcome all of our families to the upcoming school year at Southwest Georgia Academy.  For some of you, this is your first warm welcome to our school family and for many it is more of a welcome back.  I speak for the entire Warrior Faculty and Staff when I say that we are grateful to have you and yours with us as we embark on the school’s 53rd year of dedication to serving families through educating their children.

As usual, we have utilized the first part of the summer to enhance, market, practice, stimulate, modify and discuss a variety of areas that make up our “home away from home.”  The continued heart of SGA is the most beneficial and effective piece of the puzzle so we thank you for being a tremendously large part of the family piece and for sustaining the heartbeat of the school.  Your children will be joining us before we know it as we move into the 2022-2023 school year.  It is my hope that SGA will serve not only as an exceptional institute of learning but as a safe haven for everyone as we come together as one big family to live, learn, and prepare our children to succeed in today’s society and world.

The following are important dates as well as information students and parents should note:

  1. State law and GISA requires all students participating in athletics to have a physical (JV and varsity).
  2. We will continue to hold students to the rules and dress code stated in the school handbook. The handbook and changes will be reviewed and discussed with students August 11th. Please review the updated handbook on our website the first of August.
  3. K5 orientation is Monday, August 8th in the music room at 6:30 p.m.
  4. The official student schedules will be made available to parents as early as Tuesday, August 9th at the close of the PTO meeting. PTO meeting will be at 5:30 in the Joe Bryan Auditorium. If unavailable to attend, schedules will be posted on PowerSchool the following morning.
  5. Open House to visit your child’s teacher will be after the PTO Meeting on Tuesday, August 9th.
  6. New family and faculty supper Tuesday, August 9th in the SGA cafeteria at 6:30 p.m.
  7. K3/K4 orientation is Monday, August 15th at 6:30. 1st school day for K3/K4 is August 17th.
  8. Tailgate supper is Tuesday, August 16th.
  9. Chapel will be the last Wednesday of each month; we gather for chapel in the Joe Bryan Auditorium at 8:40 AM. We encourage any parent to come and attend chapel with us!
  10. On the first day of school, August 11th, we would like to invite all students, parents, faculty and staff to come to the flag pole outside the main building at 8 AM for prayer as we embark on the new school year.

I said this last year and I would like to reiterate the same message— effective communication is a vital component to a successful school experience. The staff at SGA wants to keep an open line of communication so please feel free to email or call to schedule a meeting or conference. In addition to these forms of communication is the alternate: the school website, Power School, Facebook, and email. If you are not receiving emails from Ms. Leigh once school starts, please give her your email.  Last but not least, I want to extend a thank you to you, your children and the talented and dedicated staff at Southwest Georgia Academy. The support of my efforts and the success of the school could not happen without each and every one of you. Thank you for putting your trust in Southwest Georgia Academy.


May God continue to bless these last moments of summer! See you soon!

Go Warriors,

Matthew T. Dalrymple




We would like to offer our thanks to Leigh Fain, Leslie Godwin, and Lynn Smith who did a great job as our PTO presidents last year.  If you are interested in being PTO President, please contact Leigh Fain in the office at 725-4792.

We are excited about what the 2022-23 school year holds for SGA! Through hard work, exceptional attitudes, unity, and everyone’s commitment, we can continue to make SGA a great school for our children.

2022-2023 PTO officers:     

Presidents:  TBD- If you are interested in filling this position, please contact Leigh Fain

Vice-President: TBD – Mandy Hayman

Treasurer/Secretary:  Leigh Fain

Fund Raisers:

PTO now has four primary fundraisers:  Football/ Basketball Concessions, Fall Festival, Buck Daze, and Reverse Raffle. If you are interested in helping please contact the volunteers listed below for each event.  

Concessions: Chairperson- Dianne Grow Remember to sign up for a time slot to work concessions in the front office after the PTO meeting on August 9th.

Fall Festival: Nicole Klesko/ Rhonda Rathel/ Dana Bennett/ Staci Giles/ Leigh Fain

Buck Daze: Chairpersons- Steve Singletary/ Ashley Hathorn

Reverse Raffle: Diane and Gregory Calhoun/ Ashley and Kyle Sheffield/ Katie and Trip Bridges

A strong PTO is vital to the mission of Southwest Georgia Academy. PTO provides over $125,000.00 to support the activities of our school, including: technology, books, supplies, maintenance, janitorial supplies, teacher pre/post planning meals, teacher appreciation, new family supper, literary, academic breakfast, library supplies, Accelerated Reader materials, and PE equipment.  The list goes on!  It is essential that we all work together to raise these important funds in order to enhance and elevate our children’s experience at SGA.


Lunchroom Information

I would like to say thank you to everyone that supported the lunchroom last year. We will continue to strive to provide the best possible meals for the lowest possible price. Lunch is $3.75 (includes milk or juice) & breakfast prices will be sent out at the beginning of the school year. We are always looking for ways to improve. If you have any ideas, please do not hesitate to call, 725-1888

Teresa Tedder


Substitutes Needed

If you would like to be added to our substitute list for the 2022-2023 school year, please call Miss Leigh in the school office at 725-4792. 


Asbestos Information

REQUIRED ANNUAL NOTIFICATION OF PARENTS, TEACHERS, AND EMPLOYEES REGARDING THE AVAILABILITY OF MANAGEMENTS PLANS.  The management plan for asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) required by the Federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) has been performed for this facility. The management plan is on file at the school office and is available for public inspection upon reasonable notice. If desired, a copy of the plan may be obtained upon payment of a reasonable reproduction cost. Copies of this dated notification shall be distributed to the organizations of parents, teachers, and employees: or in the absence of such organizations, the notification shall be distributed to the individual parents, teachers, and employees. A copy shall also be placed in the schools management plan. Distribution shall be by MAIL.