Members are from grades nine through twelve and will be voted on by their peers upon the return of students to school.

The Student Council is designed to instill, promote, and develop the ides of representative democracy. In doing so, it shall strive to serve the school and community, to encourage communication between school factors and contribute to the individual and collective growth, maturity, and understanding between them.

The Student Council represents the student body in an official and mature manner. It holds the power to suggest. Each member has specific task and responsibilities to perform. Members are held at a high standard and must meet the academic and conduct guidelines set by the Student Council.

The Student Council members participate in activities throughout the year. Some of these include pre-planning breakfast, Homecoming t-shirt design and sales, Fall Festival booth, Thanksgiving canned food drive, Christmas Tree project through the Family Connection Services, and Fun Meet.
Upcoming Events:
Student Council Elections: April 20-22, 2020
Fun Meet: May 11, 2020