Ga SSO Sign-UP

Dear GaSSO Parents, Schools, Students and Donors,



Congratulations to all of you who took the time to contact your State Representative and Senator to encourage them to increase the Cap for the GaSSO Program. Starting in 2019, the Cap will be $100million and will continue for the next 10 years!!! THANK YOU for all your help!!


Its time now to get in line for GaSSO to submit your request for approval to make a 2019 donation for the tax credit. Weve made the system easier to use this year and you simply enter your information via this link -


Once youve successfully completed the online form, youll receive a confirmation email to the address you entered. GaSSO will use the information you provided to submit to GADOR on the first business day of 2019.


The donation process is encrypted for security. GaSSO will close the donation process at midnight on December 30, 2018. We will test the data within GADOR's system until December 15, 2018. If any error or omissions occur in the data, GaSSO will use this time before January 1, 2019 to contact donors for follow up information. Any submissions after December 15, 2018 cannot be tested within GADOR's system and will be entered as is. We believe the Cap will be used completely on the first day of 2019 so do not hesitate to submit your request for approval.



Also, as a reminder, in soliciting contributions, a student scholarship organization shall not represent, or direct a qualified private school to represent, that, in exchange for contributing to the student scholarship organization, a taxpayer shall receive a scholarship for the direct benefit of any individual, whether or not such individual is a dependent of the taxpayer.


Please share this information with your friends, family, colleagues and coworkers who would like to support your school with a tax credit donation.




Bob Jasion

Director GaSSO