Packet Pick-Up Update

Dear SGA Families,

Below is a response to anyone concerned for the welfare of your families when it comes to paper packets and distributing them to and from the school as well as having them enter your homes after being handled by our teachers at the school.


In order to support students instructional need while they are at home, we are offering a paper solution to families in K3-5th grades. Specifically, these are the grades that do not have prior access to Internet platforms through the school. We are doing our best to eliminate the public health risk associated with providing instructional support through this paper- based option. Below, I am providing you with how we are mitigating the risk that COVID-19 could be spread from transferring paper-based packets back and forth from school and home. I hope this ensures each of you that we are not only concerned for our student’s academic success but as well as their physical safety, too.

Preliminary evidence from the CDC suggests the virus is generally thought to be spread most often by respiratory droplets. Currently, there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with contracting the virus through mail. COVID-19 can only live on surfaces like cardboard for 24 hours and approximately 2-3 days on plastic. This means that with some very basic sanitation protocols, any risk of homework packets themselves transmitting the virus can be minimized.

Packet Preparation

No teacher preparing packets had symptoms of COVID-19 or had been in direct contact with an individual who has COVID-19 or is otherwise symptomatic.

We are following appropriate cleaning protocols to distribute these paper based materials allowing 24 hours before distributing the packets to families who pick up and waiting 72 hours of anyone touching the plastic materials used to seal them.

Packet Pick Up/ Drop Off

The pick-up/drop-off location at the school being used for packets will be thoroughly cleaned, and outside the school building to maximize social distancing. We have established a pick- up/ drop-off tables protected from the elements, monitored by Mrs. Godwin, Coach B and myself. The allotted time frame for pick-up/ drop-off has been spread out as to not require interaction of families. Parents are encouraged to maintain distance by not parking or using this time for socialization. This is a drive-thru process. DO NOT COME if you are symptomatic. Either send someone else or wait until you are no longer symptomatic.

Future Packet Return

These same measures would be similar to the original pick up/drop off. A date, time and location will be determined closer to date.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. I am trying to follow CDC guidelines and seeking advice from local, medical professionals. The above is consistent with the procedures adopted by other schools.

Go Warriors,

Matt Dalrymple