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Georgia History Trip

Each year, the 8th Grade Georgia History Class goes on a educational trip around the state of Georgia. This Georgia Studies trip is an opportunity for the students to explore parts of their state that they may not usually have the opportunity to see. The trip changes slightly from year to year, but the 2016 trip gives a pretty good idea about what the trip usually consists of.
Day 1:
- Boat and Train Ride around the Okefenokee Swamp to see the alligators and snakes, and to learn a little about the history of the swamp
- Walked down River Street in Savanna and went on a Ghost Tour
Day 2:
- Took a tour of Savanna including several churches and historic squares
- Visited Old Fort Jackson and watched a demonstration of how the cannons were fired
- Watched a show about the various genres of music over the past 50 years in America at the Savanna Theater
Day 3:
- Went on a tour of a gold mine and panned for gold in Dahlonega
- Visited Amicolola Falls (One of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders)
- Watched a presentation about Space at the North Georgia University Planetarium
Day 4:
- Visited the Infantry Museum in Columbus. We went through the main tour which highlighted some of the major battles in US military history, and walked through several of the specific war exhibits.