Twirling Info 2020-2021

SGA Twirlers

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great school year and I know it’s early but I would like to get a jump on the ordering of uniforms. I look forward to starting up baton again in the fall! I know that football and twirling may seem far away but since uniforms take 4-6 weeks to come in and I want everyone to have the opportunity to participate I am sending registration early. We had a lot of new girls last year and so we will keep the same uniform for another year. However, if your uniform does not fit and you need a new one please contact me and I will go ahead and send you next year’s uniform.

We will have classes beginning in August and continue through the regular football season all classes will be held on Mondays for the older girls 1st grade and up and Wednesdays for the younger girls K3-K5 at SGA from 4-4:45pm. We did great with parents coming to help watch students in the in between time before I can get there last year and I will need the same type of participation this year so that I can continue to come to SGA for practices to make it most convenient for you all.

The fee for Baton Lessons is $100.00This is due with the attached informational form on or before the first event of taking pictures for the football program which will be in July and as soon as I know the exact date I will send it out. Each student will need a real baton, which can be purchased at most music stores in Albany or Dothan. If you need an exact place or how to measure the baton just let me know.  

We will be using the same uniform as last year so if your child still has one that fits you do not need to do anything for uniform. I am enclosing information on the uniforms in case someone is new. Please note the correct way to measure and remember your girth is most important. The uniforms are $105 and the information for ordering is attached.  Please measure your child and order the uniform using the attached information and directions. I chose this uniform with reduced shipping in mind and so it should only take 4-6 weeks to receive them. White tennis shoes and socks and hair pulled back are the only other uniform requirements.

Please do not send any money or registration forms to SGA. Please send all correspondence to me at my home address or my personal telephone number. I look forward to a great upcoming twirling season with all of you!  

            I would like to get a close to accurate head count as soon as possible so please let me know if you plan on taking so that I can get an idea of how many twirlers we will have. You can mail the form back or you can just call or text me to let me know that you plan on joining us. If you have twirled before I do not need another form.

To ensure you have a uniform by Picture day I would recommend you order your uniform by the end of April or beginning of May.  If you need any help ordering your uniform please let me know. Since there have been some complications  in the past I will let each parent order their child’s uniform however, I am happy to help you in any way possible and will even be glad to meet up to order together.

We will be doing another baton summer camp and it will be July 22-24  from 10 am to noon. The cost for camp will be $60. This went great last year, all the girls had a great time, and it helped us learn many new tricks to show off at the football games. Any additional information needed please do not hesitate to contact me at 229-254-0562. Please spread the word to everyone that may be interested!


Nicole Payne Collins

6060 Broken Arrow Drive

Donalsonville Georgia 39845

(229) 254-0562


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